iAnalyst Launches Blockchain Marketing, DApp & Smart Contract Development

Blockchain Marketing, DApp & Smart Contract Development

Miami based marketing agency iAnalyst introduces new offerings to serve blockchain clientele


MIAMI, FL, June 7, 2018 –iAnalyst, a leading internet marketing agency based in Miami, has announced the launch of their Blockchain Marketing, DApp & Smart Contract Development divisions starting June 2018. The agency’s work with many successful cryptocurrency and blockchain clients over the past 12 months has led to the formation and launch of the new services. This new division will allow the agency to provide key strategies to better serve their expanding clientele in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.  

The launch of the new divisions comes at a time when blockchain technology is becoming more in demand and versatile in its application. The Blockchain Marketing Division will focus on servicing companies that are in the user acquisition stage, while the Smart Contract & DApp Development division will work with companies looking to enter the rapidly developing market.

As the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry continue to grow at breakneck speed, a demand for specialists in the space is also growing at a rapid pace; iAnalyst provides a unique advantage to blockchain clients with their growing experience in this department. The new divisions will focus on key services for blockchain clients looking to market their decentralized applications, attract new users, build community, as well as establishing a new presence in the blockchain space. With its extensive knowledge in user acquisition and advance programming, the expansion in this market has been a natural progression over the past 12 months.

“Our team could not be more ready to continue expanding in this sector with these dedicated divisions,” said Wes Cowan, President & Founder of iAnalyst. “Our team has been researching and working with numerous cryptocurrency and blockchain clients for the past year. This new technology is already changing many industries as we know it and we’re excited to be a part of it.” There is a lot to look forward to for iAnalyst as the agency forges ahead with their new Blockchain Marketing, DApp & Smart Contract Development.


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