Macro Social Influencer’s True Value

Macro Social Influencer’s most of the time are celebrities, professional athletes, & musicians that have a vast following outside the internet. The macro influencers following on the internet, is vast and crosses over a larger age range, geographic target, & has influence covering multiple industries.  The question many companies come to when evaluating the value of a macro influencer, is will cost of the macro influencer provide a positive ROI.   This article is for companies that can afford macro influencers.  If a company cannot afford to pay an influencer $3k + per influence, then the company would not have to strategize over a macro influencer’s ability to produce a positive ROI.  This is an overview to help strategize looking into the value of a macro influencer.

Being that a macro influencer has a much larger demographic base, the most important variable to be evaluated is the base (entire following), broken up to see how many target markets are touched and the total of the following for each target separated. A cost cannot be put on the macros total base (altogether). Different groups have different values because they are harder to be influenced. It is important that the value placed on a macro influencer (digitally), is done through separating the entire following into the appropriate target markets and then auditing their values (separate line items) together. By separating the target markets by line item with individual values, this is the only way to get a true value on a macro influencer.

Following the paragraph above it is important to deduct the target market that is not of value. With macro influencers crossing over into wider ranges of demographics, there’s a certain percent that does not match a company’s target market. However, when valuing a macro influencer, the value tends to be paid on the entire following, even the percentage of the following that a company does not need.   By deducting the total amount of target market that is not needed against the target markets that are, a true value can then be determined. A true value will give a company a number to negotiate from that is real for the company. If a company does not develop a formula like this than often the value of a macro influencer is not correct and a premium is then paid that is not justifiable. Sometimes a premium gets paid because the target markets a company wants to influence, are at a level that places the macro influencer in an exclusive category (positioning). When that happens a company often overlooks the markets that are not of interest and will pay a premium to the macro influencer regardless. Most of the time this is not the case and true market value is an important number to justify the macro influencer’s value. The importance of the true number often plays an important role on the company receiving a positive ROI. It’s the starting point of macro influencer risk (influencer risk will be discussed in another article).

With macro influencers touching a much larger demographic, which leads to a much larger cost to have them influence, more research needs to be placed into the demographics of the macro influencer. Larger does not always mean better, exposure. This is a big mistake that many companies make. It is extremely important to look into this figure especially when the cost is of an amount that is substantial. Many other variables play into the selection of a macro influencer but the influencers true value, should be the number point of interest as discussed in this article. Regardless if the influencer is a macro or micro, it is always important to all companies to ask themselves the question: If a company cannot see its product, service, or message genuinely being used, appreciated, or promoted by the influencer; Then the Influencer, most likely may not be the right match for the company.  Keep in mind the influencers following will see right through it, & the company will not get the ROI its looking for.

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