SafetyCompany slashes cost per conversion by 93%


Reduction in Cost Per Conversion


Total Clicks


Total Conversion Value

Google Premier Partner uses highly-targeted AdWords campaigns to boost ROI and brand visibility for consumer and commercial safety equipment manufacturer, SafetyCompany.


  • Lower SafetyCompany’s cost per conversion and improve return on investment.
  • Improve segmentation and precision of paid search campaigns to more intelligently target prospects and likely buyers.
  • Expand SafetyCompany’s brand visibility and recognition by optimizing search campaigns to boost customer engagement.


  • drove SafetyCompany’s cost per conversion down 83% (from $119.30 to $20) during a four-month test, and to date has reduced cost per conversion 93% (from $119.30 to $7.80).
  • The agency employed call tracking to segment call conversions at the keyword level, allowing SafetyCompany to better target their likely buyers.
  • analyzed and improved SafetyCompany’s AdWords search ads performance by optimizing campaigns by location, ad types, platform, time of day, language, placement, and landing page, which resulted in increased visibility and customer engagement. understands Google—scaling results and lowering cost per conversion.

-William Chao, Marketing Director, SafetyCompany