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A Smart Contract is a distributed code set, stored on a blockchain network. Its usage needs no middlemen or a single designated server. The code is executed dynamically, when triggered by pre-programmed events. iAnalyst codes Smart Contracts using the Ethereum (solidity), EOS or Hyperledger networks. DApps or Decentralized applications, were the next advancement of the Smart Contract. DApps combine a number of correlated Smart Contracts, united by programmed logic working with a Blockchain network. From backend to front-end development, the iAnalyst team can assist on a wide range of DApp projects. iAnalyst’s team has continued to expand into this new and exciting technology of Smart Contracts & Decentralized Applications. As blockchain usage continues to gain adaption we are excited to help our clients expand into the space. From full development to consulting, we are happy to discuss any project. Contact us, or find us at most conferences globally & we are happy to see how we can work together.


Ethereum revolutionized Blockchain engineering by introducing Smart Contracts, creating the ERC-20 protocol, and creating the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Ethereum uses the Solidity programming language to give developers the ability to implement smart contracts on their platform. Smart Contracts allow users to read and write data and connect with other Smart Contracts. Executing Smart Contracts comes with an expense, which translates to Gas and is paid for in Ether. Scalability and transaction costs are often a concern, though for projects which value trust and reliability over speed. Ethereum is currently the most widely adopted and tested platform.


EOS is a open source project providing decentralized application hosting, smart contract functions and decentralized storage solutions focused on solving the scalability issues of Ethereum & reducing transaction fees to zero. To accomplish this, EOS has released a multi-threaded network & introduced the delegated proof-of-stake (DPOS) for its protocol. The EOS utility token allows storage & bandwidth on the network in proportion to the ownership stake & currently uses the C++ for development. Based on the transaction speed of the network & zero transaction costs, it is expected that the EOS Network will be a strong choice for consumer facing DApps with high transaction rates.


Hyperledger is a Smart Contract Blockchain network focused on compliance with internal or external regulations to support varied requirements that may arise when competing businesses work together. Smart Contracts on the Hyperledger network are created by “chaincode” which can be written in most mainstream programming languages. It also provides the capability to restrict the functionality of the execution environment based on predetermined variables. Hyperledger takes a unique approach, by managing the admission of participants at its core and is often a popular structure for many business to business smart contracts that require complex regulatory elements.

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