iAnalyst Launches Blockchain Marketing, DApp & Smart Contract Development

Miami based marketing agency iAnalyst introduces new offerings to serve blockchain clientele


MIAMI, FL, June 7, 2018 –iAnalyst, a leading internet marketing agency based in Miami, has announced the launch of their Blockchain Marketing, DApp & Smart Contract Development divisions starting June 2018. The agency’s work with many successful cryptocurrency and blockchain clients over the past 12 months has led to the formation and launch of the new services. This new division will allow the agency to Read the Rest!

A Study of Blockchain Consumer Adoption: Cryptokitty and Steem

How do you bring blockchain directly to the consumer? Must speculation first be taken out of the equation? After all, even in the dot com boom, high degrees of trading and speculation occurred before mass implementation of the products and technologies were refined and launched. Furthermore, as we saw before the dot com explosion, was the development of the internet with business to business implementations long before there was an individual consumer focus.

 So, fast forward 20 years and here Read the Rest!