iAnalyst Acquires Internet Marketing Agency ResponseLogic.net

iAnalyst completes acquisition of eCommerce internet marketing agency ResponseLogic.net:

Miami, FL (August 15, 2016) – iAnalyst.com, a leading Web Development & Internet Marketing agency, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of ResponseLogic.net’s client base & online assets. Though iAnalyst has not acquired the company as a whole, the full client & online asset acquisition is key to iAnalyst’s ongoing expansion. ResponseLogic.net, founded in 2006, is an Oregon based agency that focused on eCommerce Internet marketing & eCommerce website development on platforms such as Magento, WordPress WooCommerce, Shopify & BigCommerce.

By combining ResponseLogic’s eCommerce specialization with iAnalyst’s existing in-house team & software management platform the acquisition has been completed with minimal disruptions. “ResponseLogic has been partnering with iAnalyst for years on complex projects which has built a level of trust that led to the acquisition. Upon this successful close I may now focus on my new primary business in the hydroponic industry.” said Erick Recors, Chief Executive Officer of ResponseLogic “From top to bottom iAnalyst is a stellar company with an excellent reputation. I know our clients will love their team & I have already been receiving amazing feedback.” Though the financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed publicly, the deal was a planned exit for Erick Recors who can now focus on his growing hydroponics business.

By joining iAnalyst, ResponseLogic clients now have access to iAnalyst’s full in-house support, additional Internet Service offerings & streamlined support through their proprietary in-house software platforms. The acquisition has already started to provide a drastic increase in ROI for clients. “I couldn’t be happier with the acquisition” said Wes Cowan, President & Founder of iAnalyst. “Not only does the client base fit perfectly into our portfolio, but Erick & his team brought a tremendous amount of know-how & experience in regards to eCommerce CMS Marketing. Erick is truly a web genius & I am not surprised with his tremendous success with his new company FullBloom Hydroponics.”

This strategic acquisition provides a clear benefit for iAnalyst, Erick Recors & all the customers involved. As the Internet Marketing & Development landscape continues to become more complex, in-house teams, such as iAnalyst’s,, have started to dominate the market versus outsourcing. Now that iAnalyst has completed this acquisition they have plans to open up an additional office in the Orlando market, let by their CMO Randy Jarrin & hinted that they are close to releasing an additional software platform in the SAS industry.

About iAnalyst Inc

Founded in 2009, iAnalyst has grown to become one of the leading East Coast based, full service digital agencies with offices in New York, Miami and now Oregon. iAnalyst works with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, with offerings including Website & Mobile App Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Landing Page Development, Social Media Marketing, and various Internet Marketing Services.

About ResponseLogic

ResponseLogic.net founded in 2006 in Asheville, North Carolina. With roots in direct marketing, digital marketing, and SEO, they spent the first years of the company primarily marketing websites. As time progressed, more and more clients needed, repairs and redesigning for their websites in order for them to convert more business online. ResponseLogic is a certified Google Partner, a Moz Pro agency and Bigcommerce Partner.

Discovering Blogger Outreach Marketing

Blogger Outreach Marketing

Everyone wants to increase exposure for their business with a clear roi. Blogger outreach has become a trending new phenomenon to be reckoned with. It’s a great way to align a brand with the right audience. Ever notice that your content may not attract potential clients when using basic search engines like Google, who tend to mainly use the same three article repeatedly even when changing the words around. Somehow it stills keeps retrieving the same three articles that you already read over and aren’t leading you anywhere.

Blogger outreach usually works in a more efficient manner; you can call it “the plug.” Technically speaking blogger outreach is used in a network port that gives you the opportunity to consult with many different bloggers who align with your brand. The strategy of working with online influencers such as bloggers helps build a brand ambassador network, promote new products, earn authentic mentions and get noticed by a variety of new consumers. The way blogger outreach works is a very organized and strategized way. Giving you the ability to kill 5 birds with just one stone. Cliche? Yeah i know, but let’s be honest; no one really has time to be searching different bloggers for one client and going back and forth with almost no success or no influencers.

Let me explain, blogger outreach is a networking style that gives many outlets in just one network source. First plan out a campaign which is going to attract your clients, or bloggers. This is the space that is recommended to be a little creative with so that you are reaching out to all types of influencers who are connected to your brand. Once a good campaign is planned out, the next step will be using keywords that will identify the right bloggers through a blogger outreach tool. Searching based on niche topics and blog rolls. Usually about 5 to 6 keywords that can be found in a blogger’s article.

Once a campaign and possible influencers are lined up the next step will be to create a pitch. Creating a personalized email that contains what you’re offering and why they would want to work with you, as well as what you want them to do for your brand. After you send it, one of the best part about this is the ability to create a follow up email. Which will be sent automatically when the network does not get a response in x amount of time. Yes i know, amazing.

Blogger outreach-when done correctly-can bring a lot of traffic and visibility to your brand. Give the bloggers you work with the assets to write about an entire experience with your brand. Send what you promise and make it awesome. From awesome content to new brand items to infographics to exclusive interviews. Offering the ability to promote when you earn media from bloggers by sharing it on your own channels. This helps your posts get exposure and helps the bloggers get exposed to new audiences. It’s a great potential platform for communicating with potential customers.

Last but not least, why does this make blogger outreach one of the best connecting/promoting ports for your brand? Well simply because buyers like to review product before buying. Making bloggers easier to search for by granular contextual criteria than influencers on other platforms.
Bloggers are some of the most sought out resources when consumers are researching brands and products. Bloggers are active on a variety of social channels so they are a great springboard for campaigns that span across many digital channels. Bloggers write about niche based topics instead of genre allowing marketers to find influencers who have a very targeted audience. Wasn’t lying when I said blogger outreach is the plug.